There are so many different ways to use essential oils that we sometimes forget about the many things to keep in mind when you’re using them. These fabulous natural liquids are great for health, beauty, natural cleaning, even cooking – and so this week we’re getting back to basics with those things to remember when you’re getting ready to take advantage.

  1. A little goes a long way. We mentioned essential oils are powerful, and we meant it. The size of the bottles should allude to that fact. For things like cleaning, a natural floor cleaning recipe for example, 10-12 drops will often be enough for a full bucket of water. That should be enough to do your whole house (depending on the size, of course). For cooking with edible oils like peppermint, too much can quickly ruin the taste of a dish, so think less is more and taste test before adding more. The same goes for using essential oils in a diffuser; too much, and the smell will be overpowering!
  1. Different people react differently to different oils. When using essential oils for health and beauty – tea tree oil for acne for example – always do a test to make sure that your skin won’t react to it. Do this by dabbing a tiny amount of the essential oil directly on your inner forearm, leave for a few hours, then revisit.
  1. Dilution depends on various factors. When you’re using a recipe, for whatever, that says to dilute the oil, the amount you need to dilute the oil by can depend on various factors. Age, skin type, even the oil itself are all common ones. We’ve broken down dilution before – you can check out that blog here to get a better idea:
  1. Quality matters. Never buy essential oils based on the price. For oils to work as well as they should, they need to be of the highest quality. This means they’ve been through an established testing process to make sure they meet international standards. Also make sure that they are 100% pure – you don’t want any additives or preservatives. You can read more on this here:
  1. Storage matters. Essential oils have a long shelf life, and the best brands will have an expiry date and use dark, amber-coloured glass bottles. That being said, you want to store them properly to make them last. Keep them in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.

Essential oils are amazing – just be sure you’re using them correctly to get the best results!

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