Lavender oil is often called the most versatile essential oil in the world, and the uses for it are seemingly endless. If you only choose one essential oil, lavender oil is the best. It has so many benefits and uses – everything from healing to cleaning.

Here are just a few of our favourite lavender oil uses:

As a sleep aid. When you’re having trouble shutting your brain off at night, avoid those chemical sleep aids and turn to lavender oil; it can really help. It calms and relaxes the mind, giving you the ability to close your eyes and drift away without having to worry about feeling groggy in the morning or becoming dependent. A great way to use it to help get a better night’s sleep is by placing a few drops on a tissue and placing the tissue under your pillow.

To soothe aching muscles. Whether you’re sore because of an intense workout or because of a health condition such as arthritis, lavender oil is a great way to reduce the pain. Get relief by filling the tub with warm water and adding some oil and Epsom salts and soak away the tension.

Keep mosquitoes at bay. Lucky for us, these annoying insects hate the smell of lavender, which makes it the perfect natural insect repellant. A spritz of lavender oil mixed with water before heading outside will help prevent bites, as will soaking a cotton ball in the oil and leaving it on a plate on your windowsill inside to keep bugs out. Lavender oil can also help reduce the itch and swelling caused by insect bites. Just dab it on neat.

Headache relief. The soothing and refreshing scent of lavender oil is very effective at treating a headache. For best results, place a few drops of lavender on a cold cloth and place it on your forehead. You can also try massaging a few drops into the forehead, temples and the back of your neck when you’re out on the go.

Natural household cleaner. If you are looking to decrease the chemicals you use when cleaning your home, lavender oil is a great place to turn. Make an all-purpose household cleaner using just vinegar, lavender oil and water. Simply blend 2 cups of white vinegar, 2 cups of distilled water and 20 drops of lavender oil in a clean glass bottle and add a spray nozzle.

At Thursday Plantation, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils. When it comes to these great lavender oil uses, only the best will do.

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