Spring time often brings to mind pictures of playing in the garden, planting flowers, and spending time outdoors with your loved ones. It’s a dream longed for during the cold days of winter, but as anyone with spring allergies knows that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

While the weather is getting warmer and plants are blooming again, that also means pollen, ragweed, and other common offenders are back with a vengeance. It’s enough to make a spring allergies sufferer want to go right back inside and hibernate until, well, winter.

We say enough with the stuffed noses. Reclaim your spring and clear your sinuses naturally using essential oils.

The best essential oils for allergy relief are those with decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties. These can clear the sinuses, helping you breathe better without having to rely on antihistamines. Our preferred essential oils for allergy relief are eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree essential oil. Both have power anti-inflammatory benefits and are proven to help with breathing.

If you suffer from spring allergies, try these tips to ease your pain and get your garden back:

  1. Keep Allergens Out

The best offense is a good defense. Keeping the air pure inside will help your sinuses stay clear for when you do venture outdoors. Try using eucalyptus essential oil in your essential oils diffuser for a sinus-relieving boost that will also spread anti-bacterial properties through your home.

  1. Clear Your Sinuses

Once sinuses become clogged, allergies can feel that much worse. Try to be proactive by using methods to clear out your sinuses, such as a neti pot or nasal bottle. You can create a hydrosol rinse that includes tea tree essential oil or even lavender essential oil.

If a neti pot isn’t your thing, another trick that can work well is to put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a wet washcloth and either take it with you into the shower for steam-boosted sinus clearing or put it over your face. Alternatively, you can also put a few drops of essential oils in a bowl of boiling water, lean over it with a towel over your head, and breathe it in for steam inhalation.

  1. Bring the Aromatics Outdoors

When you do go outside, even if you’ve been proactive inside, you could be entering into the prime allergy zone. In this case, you may want to carry a spring allergy combatant with you. Try putting a cotton ball in plastic zip-top bag and placing a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or tea tree essential oil on the cotton. When you feel yourself getting stuffed up, inhale the scent from the bag.

  1. Treat Topical Allergies

So far we’ve been focusing on the sinuses, but depending on your body you may have different allergic reactions, for example, hives, rashes, or even bug bites — especially if you’re spending lots of time in the garden. Tea tree essential oil can be an effective way to treat these seasonal allergies. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball and apply it to topically to the affected area. If your skin is sensitive, you may want to mix it with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba, before application.

Spring allergies don’t have to send you running for the antihistamines. Using essential oils for allergy relief can provide natural treatment that leaves you feeling healthy and able to do the activities you love.

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