The setting: An open field with rolling green hills. Fog hangs over the mountains in the distance. The air is quiet. Too quiet. A chill creeps down your spine. Something bad is coming… something evil.

Suddenly, you see them. Hundreds, no thousands, of people swarming over the hills towards you. Their eyes are glazed, their mouths open so they appear to be relaxed, their arms out in front of them. It’s a zombie attack! And they’re moaning something. You know you should run, but you strain to hear. You make it out: they’re all saying, “essential oil diffusers.”

Okay, so maybe we’ve been watching a little too much of The Walking Dead. But anyone who’s ever used an essential oil diffuser knows what it’s like — once you start misting, regular air just doesn’t make you feel as good. After all, normal air is just oxygen whereas diffused air is oxygen plus a calming, stress reducing, even invigorating and healing essential oil!

There are tons of great ways to use your essential oils — a diffuser is just one option. But there are a lot of benefits to going the diffuser route.

  1. It spreads the essential oil goodness through a larger area.

When you’re using a diffuser, the scent spreads more than just placing a couple drops on a surface. Whether you want the scent more or less concentrated depends on what effect you’re going for, but if you’re at home and want to feel the essential oil benefits no matter what room you go into, a diffuser might be for you.

  1. Can help ward off illness.

Some essential oils, such as eucalyptus essential oil, are naturally anti-microbial and anti-viral. Using these oils in a diffuser can actually help stop airborne bugs from spreading. You still need to wipe down surfaces and the like, but cleaning the air has never been easier than with an essential oil diffuser.

  1. Helps you breathe easier.

Come allergy season — or because the dusting has been left a day (okay, maybe a week) too late — your nose can feel like it’s constantly stuffed up. A diffuser can help like that. Certain essential oils, such as eucalyptus essential oil, are natural decongestants. Having it in the air around you can help keep your sinuses clear — and give you some much-needed relief.

  1. Safer alternative to candles and incense.

Diffusers are safer than scented candles, not only because of the fire risk with candles and incense, but also because of the materials used in candles. Some candles are made with synthetic wax and lead-core wicks, which can actually release parabens and heavy metals into the air around you. Which we believe is the opposite of relaxing!

There are tons more benefits to essential oils and diffusers — we’ve really only scratched the surface — but we suggest you find those out by giving it a try at home! Pretty soon you might be one of those diffuser zombies — but when essential oils can make you feel this good, we saw bring on the walking dead.

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