Planning a March Break Vacation? Try This for Natural Sunburn Relief

Heading out for a March Break vacation? Lucky you! Warm, sunny days, lounging outside on the beach, eating on patios for dinner… It can all sound like paradise, especially after the long, cold, snowy Canadian winter we’ve had.

But, sadly, even paradise can have its downsides — those warm, sunny days can translate into a wicked painful sunburn. Also, especially if you’re headed to a tropical destination, the buzzing of bugs can quickly pop your bubble.

These are but minor annoyances in the big picture, though, and with our help you can find relief from even the itchiest of sunburns or bug bites — Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream.

You may have heard of the benefits of using tea tree oil for skin or tea tree oil for bug bites. Tea tree antiseptic cream takes those benefits and elevates them. Whether you’re headed on a March Break vacation or just gearing up for spring in Canada, you don’t want to be without a tube or two of Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream.

It’s made of 100% pure tea tree essential oil, a natural antiseptic, and is free from synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, lauryl sulphates, polysorbates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, and animal-derived ingredients. It can provide natural sunburn relief, soothe fly and mosquito bites, and help with minor skin irritations and dry skin, making it perfect for those who like to spend time outdoors.

Tea tree essential oil is soothing and relieves pain and can help reduce blistering and peeling from a sunburn. Even if you managed to stay out of the rays, it can also help rejuvenate and rehydrate dry skin. It will also disinfect and bring down swelling from mosquito bites. The Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream puts all the benefits of tea tree oil together into one package that your skin will love.

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Tea tee oil is well known for its healing properties – especially when it comes to treating acne. There are many great ways to use tea tree oil for acne, we can’t help but want to share them all with you.

Check out this quick video with one of the easiest ways to use this wondrous essential oil to treat those pesky breakouts:

Want to find more tips on the many great ways to use tea tree oil for acne? Thursday Plantation has you covered!

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Tea tree oil has a long and impressive history, having been used for centuries by Indigenous groups in Australia and New Zealand in various ways. Thursday Plantation’s history may not go back as far (ok, not nearly as far), but our very own history is no less impressive or important.  This week we get back to our roots and tell you our story.

In 1973, after learning about tea tree oil and its various uses and becoming fascinated by the antibacterial power of the oil, Eric White invested in a piece of land in northern New South Wales and started growing and harvesting tea tree plants. Convinced of its applications in the modern world, Eric began extensive research and lobbying, and finally, in 1976, a Crown Lease in Bungawalbyn – homeland of the best quality therapeutic tea trees – was granted. That lease arrived by weekly post, on a Thursday…such a monumental day deserved recognition all on its own, and as a result, Thursday Plantation was born.


When Eric’s health began to fail, his step-son Christopher and wife Lynda took on the mission of bringing tea tree oil to the rest of the world’s attention. Although they had little to grow from, living in an area with no power or running water, on land that was regularly inundated and cut off, sometimes for weeks at a time, by the floods of the region, nothing could break their spirit. They followed Eric’s footsteps, starting local, selling the tea tree oil Eric had created at markets in the area and working their way from there.


Eventually recognising that Thursday Plantation could use a little help, Christopher and Lynda established the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association and began lobbying the government to get involved in supporting research and building up awareness of the wonder and value of Australian tea tree oil. The Australian government got behind them with agricultural research, followed by detailed scientific studies on the applications of the oil. And, as they say, the rest is history.


Since these humble beginnings, Thursday Plantation has grown into a globally recognized brand, know for innovation and quality. We’ve also amassed an impressive list of firsts that we are very proud of:

  • 1st scientifically developed tea tree plantation in the world
  • 1st to gain therapeutic recognition for commercially produced tea tree oil
  • 1st to guarantee the main germicidal active, terpinen 4-ol exceeds minimum specification of Australian and International standards by at least 33%
  • 1st to ensure lower para-cymene and cineole content than the Standards to ensure minimisation of potential skin irritation
  • 1st commercial manufacturer to screen for environmental contamination to ensure pesticide free tea tree oil

At Thursday Plantation we are proud of where we come from and are happy to be able to share the magic of tea tree oil with the world.

Want to know more about the amazing uses of tea tree oil or to stock up?

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Tea Tree Oil UsesA few weeks ago we covered the science behind tea tree essential oil, and this week we are putting that science to work, looking at some of the most well-known (and a few of the lesser-known) tea tree oil uses – from head to toe!

Acne. Want an all natural alternative for treating acne – one that won’t dry out your skin? Wash with a tea tree oil cleanser morning and night, or apply diluted tea tree oil to the face and do not rinse.

All purpose cleaner. Save money and avoid the chemicals by mixing 2 tsp of tea tree oil in a spray bottle full of water. The cleaner kills bacteria and leaves a fresh, clean scent.

Athlete’s foot. Apply tea tree oil to the affected area twice a day and continue to do so for up to two weeks after the infection is clear to ensure the fungus is completely gone.

Antiseptic. Use an all natural tea tree oil antiseptic cream, or apply directly to minor cuts and scrapes after cleansing the wound to help reduce the possibility of infection.

Headache. Using the steam facial method, place a few drops of tea tree oil in a pot of boiling water, use a towel to create a tent over your head, and breathe the vapors in. This also works to relieve nasal congestion.

Insect bites. Applying tea tree oil directly onto the affected area will help relieve the pain and itch. With ticks, apply it to the area surrounding the tick to encourage it to release.

Itchy scalp. Tea tree oil shampoo is great for combatting dandruff and itchy scalp. The same goes for lice prevention! Just mix 10 drops of tea tree oil into your regular shampoo and use regularly.

Joint and muscle pain. Mix tea tree oil with an unscented lotion or cream and rub onto painful areas.

Mold. Get rid of the gunk by spraying the above mentioned tea tree oil cleaner onto shower curtains, in your laundry machine, the dishwasher or even the toilet to kill off mold.

Skin tags. Massage tea tree oil into the skin tag using a rubbing motion. Repeat the process several times a day until the tag falls off.

Wart remover. Apply a few drops of oil directly onto the wart, both morning and night, until it is gone.

Wow – pretty impressive what one little bottle of tea tree essential oil can accomplish, isn’t it? As we said, it has you covered from head to toe.

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