Natural Summer Skin Care on the Marilyn Dennis Show

Last week we were happy to share the spotlight with Marilyn Dennis on the Marilyn Dennis Show! The segment was the perfect summer info session on using essential oils for sunburn relief and other summer skin problems! We’re big believers in going ‘au naturale’ for the summer – and our TV spot should help you discover just how easy it is to do so.

Here are some tips from the show for bug bites, sunburns and poison ivy!

Bug bite prevention:

  • wear light-coloured long pants and long sleeves
  • skip the scents – perfumes or lotions, even your shampoo, will just attract the pests

To soothe bug bites:

  • smooth on some raw, local honey
  • make an Epsom salt compress by mixing 2 cups of Epsom salts with enough water to dissolve. Soak a face cloth in the mixture and dab onto bites
  • try some peppermint, tea tree, or lavender essential oil

Sunburn prevention:

  • we all know these ones – sunscreen, long pants and sleeves, and a wide-brimmed hat

To soothe a sunburn:

  • aloe vera gel
  • vitamin E
  • lavender oil mixed with a carrier oil

Poison ivy or poison oak prevention:

  • learn how to identify the plants, then avoid them
  • wear protective clothing

To soothe a rash:

  • oatmeal – cook some, and when cooled, apply to the affected area
  • apple cider vinegar – apply directly to the affected area or make a warm compress
  • baking soda – in the bath or applied as a paste

To view the segment and find out more about natural summer skin care, check out http://www.marilyn.ca/Health/Articles/July-2017/Natural-solutions-to-summer-bug-bites-and-more.

This summer, when common skin conditions get you down, consider the natural route to relief.

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