Feeling Anxious? The Basics on Using Lavender Oil for Anxiety

For most people, it’s common to stress about life’s worries – those things that may cause concern or stress. What’s more, for those who suffer from severe anxiety, the worry or stress can become overwhelming and impact their daily lives. For some, the answer is a chemical treatment to ease stress. For others, a more natural solution works just as well. If you’re curious about that natural alternative, today we’re talking about the basics of using lavender oil for anxiety.

Lavender oil is known to be an effective natural treatment for many ailments including relieving nervousness, restlessness, and insomnia and thus it has become a very common treatment method for those with anxiety. It works by calming and soothing the mind, helping you relax.

Here are a few effective ways for using lavender oil for anxiety:

A great way to use lavender oil for anxiety is with a diffuser. A diffuser disperses the oil’s soothing and healing properties into the air quickly. Bring one to the office and keep it on at your desk, turn one on in the kitchen while you’re cooking, or have one in your bedroom to help calm your mind when you’re ready for bed.

In the morning or before bed, a soothing bath with lavender essential oil is a great way to relax your mind and your body. Just add a few drops to the hot water and soak.

If you know that you get anxious during the day, keep an inhaler on hand – something you can pull out of your pocket or purse, use, then put away. You can find fairly inexpensive refillable essential oil inhalers on Amazon and fill them with lavender oil. Then, whenever you’re feeling stressed, you have your inhaler on hand and can use it discreetly.

Roll-ons are also popular. You can use a roll-on on your wrists, the back of your neck, the soles of your feet, even your temples. If you make your own, make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil. Like an inhaler, this is an easy on-the-go solution that you can use anywhere. This is also good for motion sickness or if you’re a nervous flyer.

If your anxiety is bad at night and keeps you from sleeping, place a few drops of lavender oil on a cloth and slide it in your pillowcase.

If you suffer from anxiety, but are looking for an alternative to drugs, lavender oil may just be the answer. Try one or all of these methods for effective relief.

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When your mind is at peace, your body feels the effects, in a good way. However, even if you’re in peak physical condition, if you also suffer from anxiety your mind just won’t be in tune with your body. Anxiety is one of the most common forms of mental illness in North America, and although many turn to pharmaceutical offerings for relief, more and more Canadians are looking for alternatives for treating anxiety without drugs. There are several, very effective methods for alleviating anxiety, often using things you already have.

#1. Lavender oil. Lavender oil has long been celebrated as the wonder sleep ‘non’ drug, but several studies have found that it is also highly effective in treating the symptoms of anxiety.[1] Simply place a few drops in your diffuser, rub a few drops together in your hands and breathe deep, or rub it you’re your feet, temples, or wrists to help ease your stress and anxiety symptoms.

#2. Colour. Embrace your inner kindergartner and break out the crayons and the colouring book. The focus required helps to ease your brain, eliciting a relaxed mindset. This is because the action of colouring allows your brain to ‘switch off’ for a time, focussing instead on the moment.

#3 Dig in the dirt. Gardening or working with your hands in the outdoors is somewhat similar to colouring as far as the focussing and ‘switching off’ aspect, but it may also have to do with the dirt itself. Studies have actually found that there is a specific species of bacteria, called Mycobacterium vaccae, found in soil which can lower anxiety and improve your mood by releasing serotonin.

#4. Walk. Or really engage in any form of physical activity at all. Exercise releases dopamine, a ‘pleasure hormone,’ which leaves you feeling great. Exercise also works because it helps to expel anxiety and stress that has built up.

#5. Have a cup of tea. Try green or chamomile for the most positive results. Green tea is great during the day. It contains the amino acid L-theanine which has been shown to lower the levels of anxiety in the brain. Try chamomile at night, before bed, as it helps to calm and relax you, making it easier to get to sleep.

Anxiety, depending on the severity, can be debilitating. Whether you rely on the pharmaceutical approach to treating your symptoms but want to add to the regimen, or if you’re looking for alternatives for treating anxiety without drugs, incorporating these things into your daily routine can make a big difference.

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You’ve probably heard about the benefits of lavender oil for sleep – it is fairly well known – but we’ve recently come across a wealth of information regarding lavender oil for anxiety and we thought it would be helpful to share. If you’re stressed or dealing with anxiety, lavender oil may be able to help.

Check out this article from Medical Daily. Discussed within it are several ways that you can use various essential oils to help ease anxiety: http://www.medicaldaily.com/lavender-and-5-other-best-essential-oils-anxiety-relief-healing-power-smell-397410.

According to the article, lavender oil “can kill pathogens in the air and in nasal sinuses and respiratory airways. Lyons states lavender is also a nerve tonic and an antidepressant, boosting our spirits as well as helping to beat “the blues” that accompany immune stress and illness.”

Sometimes, something as simple as a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser or on your pillow at night can really make a difference.

Additionally, last year the Huffington Post posted an article about essential oils, including lavender oil, for anxiety, stating one study which found that “lavender oil aromatherapy calmed the nervous system — lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature as well as changing brain waves to a more relaxed state.”

Why does lavender oil work? The article notes that “the scent of lavender stimulates brain pathways, including our limbic system, which is connected to our emotional response and memories. Studies using electroencephalography (EEG), which measures brain waves, and brain imaging using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) show significant changes during lavender aromatherapy consistent with its relaxing effects.” Pretty impressive, we know.

Check out the Huffington Post article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marlynn-wei-md-jd/6-aromatherapy-essential-_b_9805630.html.

If you want to try something new, lavender oil for anxiety might be a great place to start.

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