5 Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil You Never Knew About

One of the things we love best about working with essential oils is getting to discover all the potential uses. Essential oils are so versatile we’re always learning some new life hack or trick that makes life easier and more enjoyable. And when it comes to versatility, peppermint essential oil is one of the best out there.

There are so many benefits of peppermint oil, it’s hard to even know where to begin. Peppermint essential oil:

  • Soothes cough & cold.
  • Is great for relief of digestive discomfort, upset stomach or nausea.
  • Has Nervine/Calmative to relax and destress.
  • Relieves joint & muscle pain associated with sprain, strain and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Can be used topically, as inhalant, in bath, or diffuser.
  • Is all natural, plant-based medicine.

Since we began carrying peppermint essential oil, it’s quickly become one of our favourites. Whether you already know all about the benefits of peppermint oil, or are looking to add it to your repertoire, here are five little-known uses for peppermint essential oil you can start using today.

  1. Keep Vermin Out

Soak a few cotton balls in peppermint essential oil and place in your pantry or areas where mice or insects (especially spiders) tend to frequent. The smell should keep them at bay.

  1. Neutralize Paint Odour

Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a fresh carton of paint to minimize the smell.

  1. Help Your Plants

Put your essential oil diffuser near a houseplant infested with mites or aphids and diffuse some peppermint essential oil to get rid of the pests.

  1. De-Slug Your Garden

Mix five drops of peppermint oil into one cup of water and spray a ring around any plants in your garden affected by slugs.

  1. Relieve a Headache

Peppermint oil is naturally cooling and can help get rid of a headache or migraine. Place a few drops on your temples or into a pot of boiling water and inhale the steam.

When you’re choosing a peppermint essential oil, make sure that the oil you pick contains Mentha x piperita, not the much cheaper M. c.Tispa.

Thursday Plantation Canada has 100% pure, 100% natural peppermint essential oil.

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Spring time often brings to mind pictures of playing in the garden, planting flowers, and spending time outdoors with your loved ones. It’s a dream longed for during the cold days of winter, but as anyone with spring allergies knows that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

While the weather is getting warmer and plants are blooming again, that also means pollen, ragweed, and other common offenders are back with a vengeance. It’s enough to make a spring allergies sufferer want to go right back inside and hibernate until, well, winter.

We say enough with the stuffed noses. Reclaim your spring and clear your sinuses naturally using essential oils.

The best essential oils for allergy relief are those with decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties. These can clear the sinuses, helping you breathe better without having to rely on antihistamines. Our preferred essential oils for allergy relief are eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree essential oil. Both have power anti-inflammatory benefits and are proven to help with breathing.

If you suffer from spring allergies, try these tips to ease your pain and get your garden back:

  1. Keep Allergens Out

The best offense is a good defense. Keeping the air pure inside will help your sinuses stay clear for when you do venture outdoors. Try using eucalyptus essential oil in your essential oils diffuser for a sinus-relieving boost that will also spread anti-bacterial properties through your home.

  1. Clear Your Sinuses

Once sinuses become clogged, allergies can feel that much worse. Try to be proactive by using methods to clear out your sinuses, such as a neti pot or nasal bottle. You can create a hydrosol rinse that includes tea tree essential oil or even lavender essential oil.

If a neti pot isn’t your thing, another trick that can work well is to put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a wet washcloth and either take it with you into the shower for steam-boosted sinus clearing or put it over your face. Alternatively, you can also put a few drops of essential oils in a bowl of boiling water, lean over it with a towel over your head, and breathe it in for steam inhalation.

  1. Bring the Aromatics Outdoors

When you do go outside, even if you’ve been proactive inside, you could be entering into the prime allergy zone. In this case, you may want to carry a spring allergy combatant with you. Try putting a cotton ball in plastic zip-top bag and placing a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or tea tree essential oil on the cotton. When you feel yourself getting stuffed up, inhale the scent from the bag.

  1. Treat Topical Allergies

So far we’ve been focusing on the sinuses, but depending on your body you may have different allergic reactions, for example, hives, rashes, or even bug bites — especially if you’re spending lots of time in the garden. Tea tree essential oil can be an effective way to treat these seasonal allergies. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball and apply it to topically to the affected area. If your skin is sensitive, you may want to mix it with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba, before application.

Spring allergies don’t have to send you running for the antihistamines. Using essential oils for allergy relief can provide natural treatment that leaves you feeling healthy and able to do the activities you love.

Thursday Plantation Canada has 100% pure and 100% natural essential oils that are idea for allergy relief. Eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree essential oil are our specialities.

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Meditation and essential oils go together like hummus and carrots. They both work nicely on their own, but together they create something even more powerful.

Essential oils for meditation can purify the air, helping you breathe better, and calm your nervous system, putting you more at ease for getting into a Zen state.

If you’re cultivating a regular yoga or meditation practice, you’ll want to try these essential oil mists for even better breathing.

Essential Oil Mist for Purifying

  • Amber spray bottle
  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 1 tbsp witch hazel
  • 6 drops eucalyptus essential oil

Essential Oil Mist for Refreshing

  • Amber spray bottle
  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 1 tbsp witch hazel
  • 6 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil

Essential Oil Mist for Relaxing

  • Amber spray bottle
  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 1 tbsp witch hazel
  • 7 drops lavender essential oil

You can also use any of these mists to clean your yoga mat and carry the scent with you through your practice and beyond.

Thursday Plantation Canada has 100% pure and 100% natural essential oils for meditation and more.

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Quality over quantity is a cliché for a reason. As any savvy consumer knows, the quality of an item can make a major difference in how it works for you and the benefits it provides. The same is true of pure essential oils.

Many essential oil providers like to say their products are pure essential oils but what does that actually mean? And how can you be sure they’re telling the truth?

We can’t speak for other providers, but here’s how you know you can trust Thursday Plantation Canada to have the best essential oils on the market.

  • All Thursday Plantation oils are GC/MS (gas chromatography over mixed standard) tested and chiral tested in a 28-day finished product test to guarantee a quality, pure unadulterated oil.
  • The original tea tree oil: Thursday Plantation is the first commercial tea tree plantation in the world. It’s the native source for melaleuca alternifolia shrubs you are purchasing directly from the farm.
  • Thursday Plantation sets its own benchmark for the germicidal component in tea tree essential oil, Terpinen-4-ol, as no less than 40%, surpassing the British Pharmacopeia Standards (30%) and ISO Standards (35%).
  • Thursday Plantation is the tea tree essential oil used in clinical studies, so if you find any clinical study that has provided evidence to tea tree oil as an antiseptic or antibacterial for acne, you can confidently assume that the tea tree oil used was Thursday Plantation.
  • In Canada, all of our oils have NPNs, which means Health Canada has reviewed and approved our oils as attested to the NNHPD (Natural & Non-Prescription Health Products Directory). This enforces strict import and quality control regulations and standard operating procedures for Canadian consumer safety. Unfortunately, there are many oils sold in Canada that do not have NPNs.

If you’re not sure whether a brand is truly carrying a pure essential oil, looking at the labels or at the product information on the company’s website could help.

Lavender essential oil, for example, is commonly adulterated — meaning many brands aren’t pure. Often, providers will add lavandin oil. This can be recognized by high levels of camphor and 1,8-cineole. Basically, if the price is cheap, the oil is adulterated.

Peppermint essential oil is another one that is easily adulterated. Deliberate substitution of medicinal herbs by inferior and cheaper herbs happens frequently with peppermint essential oil. Often, peppermint products do not contain Mentha x piperita but the much cheaper M. c.Tispa. Check your labels and, again, if the price is cheap, the oil is likely adulterated.

At Thursday Plantation Canada, all our products are rigorously tested and sourced so we can confidently say they are 100% pure essential oils.

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Joyful and weight loss — not exactly two sentiments that usually go together. So often when we think of weight loss, we picture torture, torment, and deprivation. No longer — not when you use essential oils for weight loss.

There can be many motivations for wanting to lose weight — better health, less risk of disease, being able to play with your kids — but so often it seems that the purer motivations are thrown aside for body hate. Quite simply, many people try to hate their way into weight loss, which is a) not fun and b) probably unsustainable.

But using essential oils for weight loss can help you remember all the great things you love about yourself, create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and break up the vicious self-hate cycle once and for all. Here’s how.

  1. Use Essential Oils for Stress Management

Stress is one of the top blocks for leading a healthier lifestyle. We’ve all  been there. You’ve had a rough day at work, there’s a million to-do items on your list, and honestly a fast food dinner seems like the easiest option, plus the grease will release some feel-good dopamine and serotonin chemicals. But you know the effect is never long-lasting and often leaves you feeling worse about yourself and even more stressed out.

Instead of relying on emotional eating to get you through, essential oils for stress management can help you find the calm you seek without the feelings of guilt that come afterward. Just inhaling lavender essential oil can help you calm down, or you can relax with a nice bath, book, and a few drops of essential oil. Doesn’t that sound better?

  1. Give Yourself Regular Treats

Deprivation rarely feels good, which is why most diets don’t last. A better way to create lasting health changes can be to set a weekly goal, such as going for a walk three times this week or cooking your dinners at home instead of eating out. And giving yourself milestone treats for sticking to your goals can be a great way to increase dedication and motivation. But what do you choose for a treat when you want to stick to your healthy changes? How about essential oils!

A new essential oil is relatively inexpensive, plus it will help with your overall lifestyle change — we think that’s a win-win.

  1. Choose Mindfulness Over Mindlessness

One reason we love essential oils is that taking a moment to breathe in the scents can help you appreciate the present. The next time you’re feeling tempted to binge or stay on the couch when you had a workout planned, take a sniff of your essential oil and breathe. Pause for a moment and ask yourself what you truly want. Do you truly want that extra cookie or would you feel better if you didn’t have it? Do you truly want to keep watching TV and have a nap or would going for a walk energize you? Practicing mindfulness can help you listen to your body and start to understand your emotions and cravings that much better.

  1. Nourish Yourself

There are a lot of fad diets out there and if one works for you, great. But if you’re having trouble sticking to a plan remember, it could be the plan’s fault, not yours. Often, the most lasting diet is one we can all adopt: eating real food. Cooking meals at home and going for fresh over processed. If you’re fighting a particularly strong craving and have decided you don’t want to give in, peppermint essential oil has been shown to be a natural appetite suppressant that could help. Put some in your essential oils diffuser to help keep cravings at bay.

  1. Celebrate the Body You Have

Rather than focusing all your energy on what you wish you looked like, taking time to appreciate the things you already have can help you get to the end result much more joyfully. Going for a walk because it feels good rather than as punishment for a less healthy meal. Drinking a smoothie because it’s nourishing and tastes great, not because someone told you that you should. These little things can add up. Remember, you are a unique soul and some things may work for you that don’t work for others.

Using essential oils for weight loss can help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about. Becoming healthier doesn’t have to be a struggle. Be kind to yourself and celebrate your uniqueness.

Thursday Plantation Canada has 100% pure and 100% natural essential oils to help you create a healthier lifestyle.

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The kids are home for March Break – yay! More quality family time, a break for them, and potentially a relaxing vacation. Except it isn’t always that serene. An uninterrupted week of family time can mean travel, more fighting among the children, and more stress for you.

Don’t let tension ruin a week of potential memory making. Essential oils for stress relief can help you get back to being the parent who appreciates any and all time spent with their family. Here’s how:

  1. Keep Your House Purified for Less Stress

You know what makes stress among adults and children even worse? Sickness. A bad cold or virus can make even the most mild-mannered person snappish and irritable. Especially if you’re planning on travelling for March Break, make sure your family is prepared by purifying the air in your house and disinfecting surfaces, especially things like doorknobs and TV remotes. We like using eucalyptus essential oil, which is naturally antimicrobial.

  1. Help Children Stay Calm During Travel

Using essential oils for stress relief isn’t just a grown-up thing. If you’re going on a long plane or car ride and the little ones are acting up, a calming essential oil may be just the thing to help. A drop or two of lavender essential oil (known for its soothing effects) can be put on the car mats. You can also mix it with a carrier oil and rub it onto hands or feet for even more calming relief and sleep help. If you’re doing this, remember to dilute the essential oil well as children’s skin is more sensitive: http://thursdayplantationcanada.ca/essential-oil-uses-for-kids.

  1. Stay Refreshed

While putting the kids to sleep during a long car ride may be ideal, you still need to stay awake. Peppermint essential oil is refreshing enough that it can provide a quick pick-me-up. Even something as simple as opening the bottle and breathing it in could give you a caffeine-free perk.

  1. Deodorize a Hotel Room

You know how hotel rooms just never smell like home? You can change that with your trust essential oils. A few drops of your favourite scent — especially a purifying blend such as eucalyptus essential oil — will take away strange smells and help you feel less stressed instantly.

  1. Relax at Home

Even if you’re not travelling for March Break, essential oils for stress relief are still a great idea for a staycation. With the kids home, it may be tempting to spend every waking moment together as a family, but don’t forget to take some time out for yourself. Whether it’s having your essential oils diffuser running in the background or taking time out in the evening for a soothing soak in the tub with a few drops of lavender essential oil sprinkled in, you’ll be a more patient parent for having done so.

Remember, a March Break vacation with your kids — whether you’re travelling or staying at home — is time you can’t get back. It’s natural for even the calmest parent to feel frazzled and on edge, especially if you’re cooped up inside or going for a long car ride. Luckily, essential oils for stress relief can provide you with the tools you need to continue appreciating this family time and enjoy the break with your loved ones.

Thursday Plantation Canada has all the essential oils for stress relief you need. Our high-quality essential oils are 100% pure and 100% natural.

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Heading out for a March Break vacation? Lucky you! Warm, sunny days, lounging outside on the beach, eating on patios for dinner… It can all sound like paradise, especially after the long, cold, snowy Canadian winter we’ve had.

But, sadly, even paradise can have its downsides — those warm, sunny days can translate into a wicked painful sunburn. Also, especially if you’re headed to a tropical destination, the buzzing of bugs can quickly pop your bubble.

These are but minor annoyances in the big picture, though, and with our help you can find relief from even the itchiest of sunburns or bug bites — Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream.

You may have heard of the benefits of using tea tree oil for skin or tea tree oil for bug bites. Tea tree antiseptic cream takes those benefits and elevates them. Whether you’re headed on a March Break vacation or just gearing up for spring in Canada, you don’t want to be without a tube or two of Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream.

It’s made of 100% pure tea tree essential oil, a natural antiseptic, and is free from synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, lauryl sulphates, polysorbates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, and animal-derived ingredients. It can provide natural sunburn relief, soothe fly and mosquito bites, and help with minor skin irritations and dry skin, making it perfect for those who like to spend time outdoors.

Tea tree essential oil is soothing and relieves pain and can help reduce blistering and peeling from a sunburn. Even if you managed to stay out of the rays, it can also help rejuvenate and rehydrate dry skin. It will also disinfect and bring down swelling from mosquito bites. The Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream puts all the benefits of tea tree oil together into one package that your skin will love.

Be prepared for your March Break vacation and more. Find out about Thursday Plantation Canada’s Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream at www.thursdayplantationcanada.ca or shop online at www.thursday-plantation-canada.myshopify.com.



Dogs can really complete a family. They’re cuddly, cute, happy to see you when you get home from work. There’s nothing like a night relaxing in front of the TV, petting good old Sparky. You lift your hand up to smooth back your hair and — EW! What is that? Why does it smell like good old Sparky has been rolling around in something, well, good and old?

You have a smelly dog and need to remove pet odour — and fast. But there’s no reason to send Sparky to the dog shed. You can remove pet odour and stop a smelly dog the natural way — by using essential oils.

First things first when using essential oils for dogs. You want to use an essential oil that is antibacterial. We love eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil, pure peppermint oil, or pure tea tree oil. These will eliminate germs and bacteria.

You may also want to choose an oil that is antiviral. Tea tree, lavender, and eucalyptus are all great choices. You can use these oils to clean a spot on the rug or floor that may have been contaminated — either by a “gift” your pet left behind or one that absorbed some of the smell.

If it’s more a musk that’s hanging around the house, you can also use essential oils to purify the air. Eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint are all great for this, depending on the scent you’re craving. You can create a natural air freshener, use a diffuser, or make a DIY odour absorbent using baking soda. This can be a good one to keep around a litter box or rabbit/hamster cage.

Pets are more sensitive to essential oils than humans as they are smaller and have lower body weights. Some tips to make sure they stay safe while you clean:

  • Don’t let them ingest essential oils. Even if it’s well-diluted, it could still be harmful.
  • Don’t use your essential oils undiluted. Even if it can be used topically on human skin, it may be too potent for your pet.
  • Don’t diffuse essential oils for too long in closed spaces.

The next time Sparky comes home smelling like the dog he is, you’ll be armed with an arsenal of natural, great-smelling tricks to keep your home fresh.

Thursday Plantation Canada has the essential oils you need to keep your home fresh and free of smelly dogs.

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Anyone who’s caught a winter cold or cough knows the agony: weeks of hacking and sneezing and generally feeling not right. Fatigue, stuffiness, just… blah.

It can get to the point where when you do find something that offers relief, it can feel, well, orgasmic. Enter eucalyptus essential oil.

Eucalyptus essential oil is a natural germicide. Its woodsy scent was made for clearing clogged sinuses and relieving nasty coughs. And as a bonus, it’s a natural cold remedy — no pharmaceuticals or potentially chemical compounds needed. Eucalyputus oil shouldn’t be taken orally, but there are plenty of other ways to reap the benefits.

  1. Breathe It In

To relieve a stuffed nose, use several drops of eucalyptus oil in a diffuser, put some in a bowl of hot water, a hot bath, or even in a vaporizer.

  1. Prevent Airborne Infection

One of the worst parts of catching a cold or cough is how quickly it can spread to friends and family. While you might feel better in a week, it can take much longer for the viral infection to work its way through the rest of your family, and that can mean days the kids have to stay home from school, missed work, and generally a lot of hassle that spreads far beyond your initial sickness. Eucalyptus essential oil can help stop the spread. Try putting three drops of eucalyptus oil and three drops of tea tree oil in a diffuser and letting it permeate your whole house.

  1. Calm a Cough

You can use eucalyptus oil topically, which can bring serious relief to a stubborn chest cough. A chest rub can feel wonderful. You can also put eucalyptus oil on a cloth and inhale the scent close to your nose.

  1. Relieve an Aching Body.

You know the drill — what starts as a stuffy nose and chest cough can make your whole body hurt, especially if you can’t sleep. The aches and pains on your joints can make the whole thing that much worse. Luckily, eucalyptus oil is to the rescue! Try putting some in the bath and relaxing. Or add some to a carrier oil for a body massage blend.

The next time a cough or cold hits, you don’t have to resort to harsh pharmaceuticals. Try relieving it the natural way with eucalyptus essential oil.

Thursday Plantation Canada has high-quality 100% pure eucalyptus essential oil.

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The UFC of the aromatherapy world — scented candles or pure essential oils in a diffuser? Who would win in a fight?

We’ve got pure essential oils on one side of the ring and scented candles on the other. They’re warmed up, hydrated, and ready to go at it. Let’s put them to the test.

Round One: Scent

Comparing the smells of pure essential oils and scented candles is a little like comparing apples and oranges — it all depends on preference. You might love one scent and hate another. It’s all about discovering what aroma works for you. If you live in a small space or want the scent contained to one room, scented candles could be a good choice as they tend to have less of a smell range.

But if you want more bang for your buck, a pure essential oil diffuser has more of a capacity to scent your whole house — or at least a larger portion of it. Scented candles can also be more expensive. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, whereas a diffuser lasts much longer and you only have to replace the oil inside. You can also switch up your scents more easily with a diffuser. Try lavender essential oil one night and peppermint the next.

Round Two: Ambience

Scented candles can be good for ambience. Firelight flicking on the kitchen table, a few wicks around the bathtub, some extra romance for the nightstand. But with that ambience comes real risk — fire. It’s important to keep a close eye on your candles when you’re lighting up. A little bit of negligence or an accidental swipe from a child or pet could lead to disaster. Pure essential oil diffusers are the safer way to go and they smell just as great. Plus, more and more essential oil diffusers are being made with lights inside. You can get different bulbs and change the colour depending on the oil you have inside.

Round Three: Relaxation

The final round of the debate. Presumably, the reason you’re looking for aromatherapy is to relax. Whether it’s by the bathtub, with a cup of tea by the window, or curled up in bed with a good book, having a sweet smell at your side can make it all the better.

Here’s the trouble with scented candles — they can aggravate existing health problems. Smoke in closed or small rooms can be inhaled (or set off the smoke detector — that beeping noise is the opposite of relaxing). Essential oils are much kinder to the nose and, depending which oil you use, can actually help clear your sinuses! (If you’re in need of a nasal detox, check out our eucalyptus essential oil.)

Other health benefits of scented candles are also questionable. If you do decide to go with a scented candle, make sure you’re checking the wax source. A lot of the so-called scents from candles are anything but natural. They can be made up of synthetic chemicals that may smell good, but aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly or healthy to be breathing in. Many scented candles have wicks that are made with lead-core and even a few hours of burning can create high levels of airborne heavy metals.

By choosing a pure essential oil diffuser and selecting a brand that is organic and natural (like Thursday Plantation Canada!) you’re guaranteeing and great smell and great health.

Thursday Plantation Canada is your source for high-quality essential oils.

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