5 Joyful Ways to Use Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Joyful and weight loss — not exactly two sentiments that usually go together. So often when we think of weight loss, we picture torture, torment, and deprivation. No longer — not when you use essential oils for weight loss.

There can be many motivations for wanting to lose weight — better health, less risk of disease, being able to play with your kids — but so often it seems that the purer motivations are thrown aside for body hate. Quite simply, many people try to hate their way into weight loss, which is a) not fun and b) probably unsustainable.

But using essential oils for weight loss can help you remember all the great things you love about yourself, create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and break up the vicious self-hate cycle once and for all. Here’s how.

  1. Use Essential Oils for Stress Management

Stress is one of the top blocks for leading a healthier lifestyle. We’ve all  been there. You’ve had a rough day at work, there’s a million to-do items on your list, and honestly a fast food dinner seems like the easiest option, plus the grease will release some feel-good dopamine and serotonin chemicals. But you know the effect is never long-lasting and often leaves you feeling worse about yourself and even more stressed out.

Instead of relying on emotional eating to get you through, essential oils for stress management can help you find the calm you seek without the feelings of guilt that come afterward. Just inhaling lavender essential oil can help you calm down, or you can relax with a nice bath, book, and a few drops of essential oil. Doesn’t that sound better?

  1. Give Yourself Regular Treats

Deprivation rarely feels good, which is why most diets don’t last. A better way to create lasting health changes can be to set a weekly goal, such as going for a walk three times this week or cooking your dinners at home instead of eating out. And giving yourself milestone treats for sticking to your goals can be a great way to increase dedication and motivation. But what do you choose for a treat when you want to stick to your healthy changes? How about essential oils!

A new essential oil is relatively inexpensive, plus it will help with your overall lifestyle change — we think that’s a win-win.

  1. Choose Mindfulness Over Mindlessness

One reason we love essential oils is that taking a moment to breathe in the scents can help you appreciate the present. The next time you’re feeling tempted to binge or stay on the couch when you had a workout planned, take a sniff of your essential oil and breathe. Pause for a moment and ask yourself what you truly want. Do you truly want that extra cookie or would you feel better if you didn’t have it? Do you truly want to keep watching TV and have a nap or would going for a walk energize you? Practicing mindfulness can help you listen to your body and start to understand your emotions and cravings that much better.

  1. Nourish Yourself

There are a lot of fad diets out there and if one works for you, great. But if you’re having trouble sticking to a plan remember, it could be the plan’s fault, not yours. Often, the most lasting diet is one we can all adopt: eating real food. Cooking meals at home and going for fresh over processed. If you’re fighting a particularly strong craving and have decided you don’t want to give in, peppermint essential oil has been shown to be a natural appetite suppressant that could help. Put some in your essential oils diffuser to help keep cravings at bay.

  1. Celebrate the Body You Have

Rather than focusing all your energy on what you wish you looked like, taking time to appreciate the things you already have can help you get to the end result much more joyfully. Going for a walk because it feels good rather than as punishment for a less healthy meal. Drinking a smoothie because it’s nourishing and tastes great, not because someone told you that you should. These little things can add up. Remember, you are a unique soul and some things may work for you that don’t work for others.

Using essential oils for weight loss can help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about. Becoming healthier doesn’t have to be a struggle. Be kind to yourself and celebrate your uniqueness.

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