Great Ways to Use Essential Oils at Home

There are so many amazing ways to use essential oils at home – everything from natural acne treatments, to sleep aids, to insect repellents – but we’re sure you get tired sometimes of hearing us rant and rave about them! This week, we thought we’d let someone else get a word in.

We came across this great article from Lonny, which we thought shared some pretty great uses for essential oils – some we hadn’t even heard of! According to the article (and our personal philosophy!), essential oils “can be easily incorporated into any part of your life, from beauty to medicine to household products.”

Here are the ways the article suggests taking advantage:

  • To clear out cooking smells and other interesting kitchen aromas
  • To reduce aches and pains or help your body relax
  • As an all-natural household cleaner
  • To kill airborne bacteria that can make you and your family sick
  • To spruce up an unscented candle

Find all of the recipes and how-to directions here: http://www.lonny.com/See+It+Now/articles/59XZZWcmyqi/How+Use+Essential+Oils+Home.

Whether you are looking to replace some of the medicines in your medicine cabinet, ditch some of those harsh chemical cleaners, or just help your brain relax, there are some great ways to use essential oils to do so!

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Tea tee oil is well known for its healing properties – especially when it comes to treating acne. There are many great ways to use tea tree oil for acne, we can’t help but want to share them all with you.

Check out this quick video with one of the easiest ways to use this wondrous essential oil to treat those pesky breakouts:

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Each and every week we try to decide on which essential oil uses to highlight to give you the greatest knowledge of how to take advantage of these amazing little liquids. There are so many amazing uses that we can never narrow it down, and we all too often find ourselves saying “oh, but what about this.”


This week, we thought we’d take a different approach. Thursday Plantation has such a great website, filled to the brim with a fantastic array of uses, all provided by actual TP users – what better way is there to get an idea of how to use tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus oil than by hearing how others use them?

Want to know how to use tea tree oil for acne, or eucalyptus oil for a cough, or lavender oil for cleaning? We’ve got 100s of amazing essential oil uses in an easily searchable format – just entre your search term and we can bet there’ll be an oil for that.

Check out the Thursday Planation library of uses by visiting thursdayplantationcanada.ca/100uses today!