Happy Holidays from Thursday Plantation Canada

Happy Holidays from all of us at Thursday Plantation Canada!

We wish you and your family peace, love, and joyousness this holiday season. We hope you have a terrific end to 2017 and ring in the new year in style.

See you in 2018!



The UFC of the aromatherapy world — scented candles or pure essential oils in a diffuser? Who would win in a fight?

We’ve got pure essential oils on one side of the ring and scented candles on the other. They’re warmed up, hydrated, and ready to go at it. Let’s put them to the test.

Round One: Scent

Comparing the smells of pure essential oils and scented candles is a little like comparing apples and oranges — it all depends on preference. You might love one scent and hate another. It’s all about discovering what aroma works for you. If you live in a small space or want the scent contained to one room, scented candles could be a good choice as they tend to have less of a smell range.

But if you want more bang for your buck, a pure essential oil diffuser has more of a capacity to scent your whole house — or at least a larger portion of it. Scented candles can also be more expensive. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, whereas a diffuser lasts much longer and you only have to replace the oil inside. You can also switch up your scents more easily with a diffuser. Try lavender essential oil one night and peppermint the next.

Round Two: Ambience

Scented candles can be good for ambience. Firelight flicking on the kitchen table, a few wicks around the bathtub, some extra romance for the nightstand. But with that ambience comes real risk — fire. It’s important to keep a close eye on your candles when you’re lighting up. A little bit of negligence or an accidental swipe from a child or pet could lead to disaster. Pure essential oil diffusers are the safer way to go and they smell just as great. Plus, more and more essential oil diffusers are being made with lights inside. You can get different bulbs and change the colour depending on the oil you have inside.

Round Three: Relaxation

The final round of the debate. Presumably, the reason you’re looking for aromatherapy is to relax. Whether it’s by the bathtub, with a cup of tea by the window, or curled up in bed with a good book, having a sweet smell at your side can make it all the better.

Here’s the trouble with scented candles — they can aggravate existing health problems. Smoke in closed or small rooms can be inhaled (or set off the smoke detector — that beeping noise is the opposite of relaxing). Essential oils are much kinder to the nose and, depending which oil you use, can actually help clear your sinuses! (If you’re in need of a nasal detox, check out our eucalyptus essential oil.)

Other health benefits of scented candles are also questionable. If you do decide to go with a scented candle, make sure you’re checking the wax source. A lot of the so-called scents from candles are anything but natural. They can be made up of synthetic chemicals that may smell good, but aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly or healthy to be breathing in. Many scented candles have wicks that are made with lead-core and even a few hours of burning can create high levels of airborne heavy metals.

By choosing a pure essential oil diffuser and selecting a brand that is organic and natural (like Thursday Plantation Canada!) you’re guaranteeing and great smell and great health.

Thursday Plantation Canada is your source for high-quality essential oils.

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Keeping your house clean can feel like a never-ending battle. You go through cleaning products like water, the bills add up, and what’s worse, you know you’re spraying harmful chemicals around your house but aren’t sure of the natural cleaning alternative.

Take a breath. You’ve got this — have you tried cleaning with essential oils?

Cleaning with essential oils is perhaps one of their greatest uses — and there are a lot of great uses for essential oils!

Cleaning with essential oils is:

  • Budget friendly
  • Effective & non-toxic
  • Makes your home smell great

New studies are coming out every day warning about the dangers of chemicals in cleaning products. Maybe you’re a pet owner whose dog broke out in an allergic reaction due to a spray used in your kitchen. Or maybe you have a toddler who likes to crawl around on the carpet. Even if it’s just you in the house, you want to make sure you’re leading the healthiest life possible — and coming home to a fresh-smelling oasis. That’s where essential oils come in.

Here are just some of the ways you can use essential oils the next time you clean your house:

  1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree essential oil fights germs, bacteria, and viruses. It’s an antifungal and can help fight mildew in the shower. Use it to make homemade wipes, hand soap, or a daily shower spray.

  1. Lavender oil

Lavender essential oil is naturally antibacterial and one of the best smelling oils. It pairs well with vinegar. Good for use in homemade dish soap and linen spray to elevate washing dishes and laundry day.

  1. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is natural germicide and one of the most popular cleaning products in Australia. It’s a powerful dust mite buster. Mix some eucalyptus oil with baking soda to deep clean your mattress or put use in a dry wash for stuffed animals. You can even add a few drops to your next wash cycle. Soaking soiled clothes in 1 tsp of eucalyptus oil before washing can get rid of the toughest of dirt. It’s also great for stinky jobs in the kitchen and bathroom. Try putting a few drops in the toilet. It can also be used for removing pencil marks from the wall and table and removing sticky labels.

  1. Peppermint oil

Peppermint essential oil is antibacterial. Its cool, invigorating smell makes it a great addition to spray cleaners and natural deodorant spray. Mix it with water to deter ants.

Adding essential oils to your cleaning routine can save you money — you won’t have to rely on chemical products — and can be better for you. If you’re skeptical, try just one thing on our list. We predict you’ll be so hooked, you’ll soon be an essential oils convert.

Thursday Plantation Canada can help fill your essential oil needs for cleaning.

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Duchess-to-be Meghan Markle was already well-known for her acting role as Rachel on Suits and her website The Tig, but she burst into the spotlight this year once she began dating British royal Prince Harry. Her glowing skin, soft hair, and happy smile have been on the cover of numerous magazines and the subject of countless Internet articles.

Now that the two are engaged, everyone is asking: what are Meghan Markle’s beauty secrets?

It turns out, one of them is tea tree essential oil!

“The one thing that I cannot live without when I’m traveling is a small container of tea tree oil,” Markle told Allure in a 2014 interview: https://www.allure.com/story/meghan-markle-suits-beauty-tips

“It’s not the most glamorous thing, but if you get a cut, a mosquito bite, a small breakout, no matter what it is, it’s my little cure-all. It’s inexpensive, it’s small enough to carry on, and I bring it with me all the time.”

Even before becoming Duchess-to-be, Markle travelled regularly, and never without a bottle of tea tree essential oil.

Markle also named tea tree oil as one of the five things always in her medicine cabinet in an interview with The Chalkboard in 2015: http://thechalkboardmag.com/living-well-with-meghan-markle-of-the-tig#sl=2

Of course, here at Thursday Plantation Canada we are all about the benefits of tea tree oil (and other essential oils, too!). Tea tree oil in particular is a favourite of ours for its many effective uses — it’s your first-aid kit in a bottle.

Tea tree oil is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. It can treat acne, speed up wound healing, stop itching, combat fungal infections, and much more. It also kills 99.9% of household germs.

We have a whole line of tea tree oil products — natural acne care, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner, chewing sticks, and more. Plus, of course, bottles of pure tea tree oil, like the kind Meghan Markle brings with her when she travels.

Thursday Plantation Canada’s tea tree oil is sourced from and made in Australia. It’s free from SLS, parabens, synthetics, and filters. It’s guaranteed, unaltered, pure oil.  It contains over 40%+ of terpinen-4-ol, the germicidal component found in tea tree oil, exceeding international standards (ISO) by 14% and British Pharmacopoeia standards (BP) by 33%.

To shop our line of tea tree oil products, visit https://thursday-plantation-canada.myshopify.com/collections/100-pure-tea-tree-oil?page=1.

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Ah, the holidays. The most joyous time of the year. Family is coming to stay. Friends are visiting and bringing wine and spirits. Carollers are dropping by. The kids are home from school. The pets are cooped up inside while a blanket of snow covers the landscape outside. Ideal, right?

Except… the family won’t leave. Your mother’s nagging you about why you still haven’t hung up that portrait of Michael Bublé she got you last year. You may have had just a glass too much of that wine your friend brought. The carollers could use a tuning fork. The kids are arguing over whose turn it is to use the video game system. The dog prefers to stay inside barking at the snow instead of going out in it… In short, you’ve got one major headache.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. You can regain your calm without having to resort to extreme measures. There’s effective natural headache relief accessible to you. So, walk away from the pain relief aisle of the drug store. You don’t need to pop pills, hit the egg nog, or dip in for another handful of chocolates. All you need is a little essential oil.

Unlike pain relievers, essential oils are all natural and can provide natural headache relief, aid circulation, and destress. They can also boost your immune system.

Here are our tried-and-true methods for using essential oils for headaches:

  1. Rub some pure lavender oil on your forehead. After a stressful day of work, it can give you almost instant relief. Lavender oil can also aid sleep, meaning you’ll get more rest and be happier in the morning.
  2. Apply peppermint essential oil topically across the forehead. This can alleviate a tension headache.
  3. Massage lavender or peppermint oil into the temples to relieve migraine headaches and ease feelings of nausea and anxiety.
  4. Use eucalyptus or peppermint oil topically on the temples, forehead, and wrists to alleviate stress and reduce tension. You can also add oil to your bath water for a great destresser.
  5. Using eucalyptus oil topically on the chest, the top of the nose, and the temples can open up the nasal passages and relieve sinus tension.
  6. Place diffusers strategically around your house with your favourite essential oils. It will keep both you and your guests calm. If you don’t have a diffuser, or want to be more discreet, you can incorporate essential oils into your holiday decorating. Place a few drops on a basket of pinecones. Put a few drops of oil in a glass decorated with snowflakes.

Peppermint essential oil in particular smells like the holidays, so your guests might think it’s all part of the holiday spirit — making you look like a great host, and keeping you de-stressed.

Don’t let the holidays stress you out. Remember, they only come once a year and when they’re over you’ll miss all the time you got to spend with your family and loved ones. Thursday Plantation Canada can help you maintain your peace with natural headache relief.

Get your favourite essential oils at www.thursdayplantationcanada.ca.